Pet Hotel・Grooming・Training

Pet Hotel

  • Reservation can be made as early as two months before the desired date.
  • An advance payment of 50% upon reservation is required.The remaining 50% will be due when the service is concluded.
  • Reservation fee will NOT be returned for cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the reserved date.
  • We require mixed vaccine and rabies vaccine for all animals. Please inform us if yours haven't got one.
  • You will be charged 1 day fee when you check out by 12:00. Please be advised that checking out in the afternoon will be charged as half-day babysitting fee.
  • There will be a simple health check from our veterinarian before we check in your animals.
  • Please inform us for any special medication, care or treatment for your animals.
  • Please bring foods enough for the number of days your animals will stay.



  • Shampoo fee includes shampoo, dry, nail care, anal gland expression and ear cleaning.
  • Trimming fee includes cut, shampoo, dry, nail care, anal gland expression and ear cleaning.
  • If skin and ear problems are found during trimming, our veterinarian will give proper check up but extra charge will be incurred.
  • Cats will be under sedation during their trimming so a medical examination and blood test will be required beforehand.
  • Our veterinarian will quickly respond if there will be an emergency during any sessions.
  • Your pick up time will be the same as your consultation time or please coordinate with your trimmer for your preferred pick-up schedule.




  • We have professional trainers who has extensive experience in training police dogs and show dogs.

    You can consult us for any concerns that you have for your pet's behavior.
  • Joint training event for every classes will be held once every one or two months .
    You can participate at a special price at the time of the event, so we are inviting everyone to join.

An individual lesson can also be conducted for anyone who wants to participate and have some questions and concerns regarding the preparation needed.

Please ask our staff for group trial lessons and individual classroom training.